The Real Me

Yes, all the information in the professional bio is true and is me. However, the real me also...

Loves spending time on my porch swing with one of my girls--one at a time.

Loves hanging out on the beach with my silly girls.

Chocolate cake, one little sliver at a time.

Feels very accomplished when I learn or do a new techy thing by myself. Started running at age 51 to improve my health and now the kids race with me to prove to me they can.

Loves when the whole family is home and the house is loud and crazy.

Loves when Gene says the funniest thing—out of the blue—and he and I are the only ones laughing because the girls think we’re weird.

Loves making a connection with women, hearing their hearts, feeling their emotions with them.

Loves the thrill of starting new material and the excitement and expectation that comes with that.

That’s a little bit about the real me. I’d love to journey with you as we become the authentic women God made us to be.