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April 4-6, 2014 -- Brave Conference, Family Church, Sutherlin, OR.

May 20, 2014 -- Moms Group, New Life Christian Church, Morton, IL

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Would your group like to Skype?

I did my first Skype/speaking event this month. It was a huge hit with the women of First Baptist Church in Geneva, IL, and with me! I’d love to Skype with your group as well! Contact me at and we’ll see what we can arrange.

“What fun to Skype with you this morning! Thank you for being so spunky and engaging. Plus you had terrific answers to our questions, you said just the right stuff! I especially liked that you were waving to the gals as they came into the room--they waved back, gotta love today's technology!”

- Michelle Klisares, Director of Women's Bible Studies, First Baptist Church of Geneva, IL

Midday Connections
I loved my conversation with Anita Lustrea on Midday Connection on October 2.

Brenda GarrisonI’m thrilled you’ve dropped by my online living room—otherwise known as my blog. I’m enthusiastic, inquisitive, and passionate about God. My inquisitiveness drives me to find out from God how to live a life that works. My enthusiasm and passion drive me to share all that with you, my family, and anyone else who will listen. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.

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It’s Day Two–What Now?

04/08/2014 10:52 AM



It’s Day Two after the retreat I spoke at for the Family Church in Sutherlin, OR. I had a fabulous time, and from what the women shared with me, they did too. In the couple of days they were away from their regular lives they were able to hear more clearly from God. He spoke into their aching hearts truth, courage, wisdom, and what to do next. They were refreshed and looked forward to living the truths God showed them.

For me yesterday, Monday, was a day of catch up. Still kinda numb from fatigue, but doing what needed to be done. But today, Tuesday, the second day after the retreat, I got up and found the old ways trying to creep in and push out the new truths I intended to make my new reality. I wonder if some of the Family Church women experienced the same thing. The emotions have settled. We are back in the dailiness of life. Today is the day we will make the decision to keep living what we learned or we will let it slip away and be only a warm, fuzzy memory.

I’m choosing live the truths we learned. This morning in my journal I made a list of the truths we learned. I meditated on them and the corresponding Scripture. Here are a few truths we learned and a few God brought to mind this morning:

  • Life is always going to be crazy, frustrating, and hard. It’s just that way.*
  • God loves me. I can rely on that. 1 John 4:16
  • God’s love means He does His best for me, which is my best.
  • God is not holding out on me. Psalm 84:11
  • God’s timing is perfect.
  • “for apart from Me you can do nothing.” Jesus’ reminder to me in John 15:5. It’s back to abiding. That’s where we really live and make a difference in our world and for the kingdom.
  • By abiding and living in Him I will have Christ’s joy to the full measure. John 15:11.
  • God and Jesus are always working in my life, even when I can’t see it and circumstances say otherwise. John 5:17

These truths are powerful for all of us—yes, even for those who were not at the retreat.

How will you live on Day Two? Will you settle back into the same routine? Or will you choose even one of these truths to meditate on and believe?

For those who were not at the retreat—what truth has God impacted you with lately or from a past conference and you haven’t made it part of your life yet? It’s Day Two what will you do with that truth today?

I’d love to hear what truth God spoke to you either last weekend or any other time that you will incorporate into your life today.

Life is going to be crazy, frustrating, and hard. It's just that way.
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God is always working in my life, even when circumstances say otherwise. John 5:17
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*Tim Thompson, Worship Director, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, IN.

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