Love No Matter What

Love No Matter What Love no matter what.

It’s a maxim every parent would like to think they live by, but what happens when your kids make decisions you strongly disagree with—personal, immoral, illegal, or otherwise? While there’s no preventing a differing of opinions between children and parents, how you respond in these moments of conflict could make or break your relationship with your children, and ultimately their relationship with the Lord.

With 60 percent of churched kids leaving the church after graduation, there’s never been a more critical time for parents to pave the way back to God through loving parental techniques and responses. Join author and speaker Brenda Garrison as she provides invaluable insight and practical tips through the candid retelling of her family’s personal experience—and struggle—with her oldest daughter, Katie.

Love No Matter What features reflection and discussion questions, an analysis of various family scenarios and parenting styles, as well as a special “What Was Katie Thinking?” section where Katie herself shares her perspective of the story. This book is a lifeline for struggling moms and dads everywhere.
In this book Brenda shows parents firsthand how to:

  • Use disagreements to build bridges rather than walls.
  • Build relationships with their children that model God's own
    parenting style.
  • Build and nurture meaningful, open, and lasting relationships
    with their children.

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