My Examen Questions for Each Day

I love this quote by Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Over the past few years I have made a practice of examining my day, usually at the end, but sometimes the next day. This practice has helped me grow, see God working in my life, and deepened my joy. This resource is a list of the variety of questions I use. Print it off and stick in your journal and then forward it to a friend!

Resource - My Examen Questions

What God Wished I Knew

Do you ever think about Heaven? What would you ask God 30 seconds into heaven? This is what I feel God would want me to know.

Resource - What God Wished I Knew


No matter who you are, God calls you to be brave. No matter your personality type--introverted or extroverted, engineer or artist, young or old, musician or wordsmith--God calls you to be brave. God calls us all to be brave--who we are and where we are. In this resource are the three handouts for the "Brave Conference."

Session 1 Handout - No Matter Who You Are
Session 2 Handout - In the Face of Others' Opinions and Reactions
Session 3 Handout - To Pursue God's Dream for You

How to Show Love No Matter What to Your Child

When our kids make decisions we don’t agree with more than ever, we need a relationship with our kids from which to parent them. I want to help you build a rich relationship with your kids from which you will parent. You cannot overestimate the power and influence of your relationship with your child. Because without relationship we have nothing—no influence, no way to help, and no way to show them they way to the Lord.

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Four Tips to Prepare Your Child for the Tween Years

Kids transitioning from the fifth grade to the sixth grade can be a harsh smack of reality for parents and kids. Kids transition from innocent children to the things of teens—thus the need for the tween category. Parents aren’t ready for the issues their kids bring home. This resource gives four tips to help you and your tween prepare for and enjoy the junior high years.

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Setting the Stage for Lifelong Relationship with Your Child

Building relationships that last a lifetime start by setting a stage where relationships can develop and grow. Lifelong relationships won’t just happen with our kids—there’s too much vying for our kids’ attention. If we want a relationship that not only lasts a lifetime but is also one of influence, we must be intentional and make our kids a priority.

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How Do You Know When It’s God?

You have decided to follow God’s plan for your life, but now what? How do you know when God is directing? This resource will help you hear God’s voice and know His ways.

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Five Questions to Ask Before You Give Your Child Permission

“Can I . . . ?” asks your child. Or “May your child join us for a family outing/come for a sleepover?” asks another parent. Before you answer their questions answer these questions to determine if the activity is safe and beneficial to your child.

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Disrespect is Not an Option in Our Family

Respect is the foundation of our parenting and the key to healthy relationships with our kids. However, teaching respect to our kids can be ambiguous. Download one or more than one resource for each of your children to help show your children that “Disrespect is not an option in our family.”

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The Princess is Loved

How easy it is for many women to go through each day feeling unloved and unnoticed. But God, our Father, the King, says the opposite is true. He deeply loves us and delights in us. We have His undivided attention. Use this resource to keep your perspective true to God’s perspective about His feelings and attention to you.

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Dealing with Opposition

Just when we start walking with God and living the fabulous life He has for opposition comes nipping at our heels trying to slow us down or stop us. This opposition comes from three sources: friends/family, the church, and ourselves. This resource will help your graciously and effectively deal with opposition.

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Tips to Avoid Parental (and Adult Child) Regret

It seems our children's childhood will last forever, but trust me your child will graduate high school upon your next blink. And when they walk to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance we want to know we've done the best we can to help them become the adults God designed them to be. These tips will help you and your child to have no regrets (or very few!) when they enter adulthood.

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