"In today's culture, what parents don't have children making decisions they don't agree with? This book assures parents they are not alone but in the majority. Brenda and her daughter Katie honestly share their struggles with each other and offer practical ways to grow in relationship together. Thanks for being real, girls!"

Anita Lustrea
Author, speaker, and host of Moody Radio's Midday Connection


"Brenda Garrison knows how to make sense of the difficult scenarios parents fin themselves in when they lock horns with children who are bent on doing life their way. Brenda and her daughter speak from years of personal struggle. Through their relationship and stories of others, you will learn how to effectively and lovingly relate in your own."

Mark Gregston
Author and host of Parenting Today's Teens

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.' This quote by Helen Keller sums up the authentic passion of Brenda when it comes to women finding their true identity in Christ. Brenda is open and honest, sharing her life experiences, her struggles, and her victories so women know they are not alone. Brenda believes that to experience God's greatness, we have to experience the dark; trusting Him to light the way. She has a powerful message to women - Trust in God, and believe in yourself. Her transparent, funny, entertaining style is contagious!"

Vickie Carmichael
Assistant Director Women's Ministry
Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

"Brenda Garrison is a breath of fresh air....mixed with tons of truth and lots of humor! Her experience is invaluable as she is able to encourage and connect with women in all stages and phases, to help them be the wife, mother and woman that God has created them to be. Our ladies (and especially myself) LOVE Brenda, and we can't wait to have her back at our church!"

Lisa Daniel
Church on Fire Ministries, Harrison, OH
Ministry Operations Manager, Mom Time

"Brenda is a genuine, funny, Biblical speaker who presents the truth of the Bible in a way that women are challenged in their walk with the Lord, given practical truths that they can apply to their lives, and inspired to know God better. Not only did I appreciate the message that she presented to our ladies at Harvest Bible Chapel, but I appreciated the time that I spent getting to know her beforehand. The woman that stands up on the stage speaking a love for Jesus is the same person off the stage. Brenda Garrison is real, and her relationship with the Lord is honest."

Jonna Harkness
Coordinator of Women's Ministry, Harvest Bible Chapel-Peoria

"Garrison pulls no punches. . . It would be an excellent premarital resource for a young woman who 'doesn’t read.' If it's too late for premarital counseling, it would also make an excellent wedding gift or housewarming gift. You may just save a young woman from years of wondering why her loving husband can never seem to catch on to what he is supposed to do and to be in her eyes."

Discerning Reader, Reviewed 08/30/2011 by Mark Tubbs.

"Warmth and genuineness set the stage as Brenda Garrison engages audiences both large and small with her wise, original, and thoroughly entertaining speaking style and talent."

Julie Ann Barnhill
International & National Speaker, Author, Entertainer

"Thank you so much for being on our program Today's Issues. You were a blessing to us and to our listeners. The interview was very interesting and informative. Thank you for giving us your time and expertise."

Tim, Marvin, & Cindy
The Today's Issues Team
American Family Radio