Queen Mom

Queen Mom Book CoverA Royal Plan for Restoring Order in Your Home

Do your kids sometimes make you feel frazzled? Do you wonder who really is in charge in your family? Do you want back on your throne as a mom, but don’t know how to start? Queen Mom will help you regain peace and order in your home. Let Brenda Garrison show you how to:

  • Confidently parent each child by God’s unique plan for her.
  • Determine the non-negotiable and negotiable issues for your family.
  • Prevent outside opinions from pressuring your parental convictions.
  • Learn how to identify and defuse your anger triggers.
  • Increase your child’s desire to seek your input in his or her life.
  • Build a bond with your kids that last long after they leave home.

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"Queen Mom is RIGHT ON! In a culture where lack of respect in children toward their parents is accepted, it's encouraraging to read qualified authors who don't apologize for God's truths on parenting. The passion God has laid on her heart to challenge and encourage moms to regain their rightful throne as the Queen Mom, comes across loud and clear. Not only is this book a must read but Brenda is also a recommended speaker for any mom's group or event focusing on parenting."

Jeralyn Thielen, Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington, IL


"Light-hearted but profound in asserting that moms must not abdicate their roles and responsibilities."

Leslie Wiggins, Discerning Reader
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