He's Not a Mind Reader

He's Not a Mind ReaderMen don’t come with a handbook—and if they did, they wouldn’t want you to read it anyway! But consider this a clever woman’s handbook for sticky issues that can disrupt the first year of marriage (or any of them, really).

This practical newlywed guide will give you a look at ten tough and touchy topics through the experienced eyes of someone who’s been there and lived to write about it. Humor and compelling common sense will get you through such subjects as:

  • He’s Not Your Dad, You’re Not His Mom
  • It’s Your Body, but He Gets to Look at It
  • Crockpot, Meet Microwave
  • Talking Dollars and Sense

Whether startling or simple, the principles presented here are what every mother should teach her daughter, what every mother-in-law would like her daughter-in-law to know, and what every husband wishes his wife understood. So read this book and make your first year of marriage fabulous—for you and your husband!